Investigation and Analysis of the Linguistic Landscape in High-end Consumer Business District in Guangzhou——Taking TaiKoo Hui as an Example
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Guangzhou city
High-end consumer business district
Linguistic landscape
TaiKoo Hui



Submitted : 2023-07-30
Accepted : 2023-08-14
Published : 2023-08-29


Linguistic landscape has become an emerging research topic in sociolinguistics due to the development of urban linguistic landscape. Based on the development of linguistic landscape in TaiKoo Hui, its diverse characteristics are analyzed, and the language signs, usage, and codes are summarized. It is found that there is poor transmission effect of multilingual landscape information and improper use of linguistic landscape in TaiKoo Hui. This paper concludes that the linguistic landscape of Taikoo Hui can be optimized from two aspects to enhance its attractiveness and competitiveness, including improving the informational function of foreign language signs and regulating the use of linguistic landscape.


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