From Big Data to Intelligent Tutoring: Exploring the Application of Big Data Technology in the Ideological and Political Education for College Counselors
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Big data technology
Ideological and political education
College counselors
Intelligent tutoring



Submitted : 2023-07-30
Accepted : 2023-08-14
Published : 2023-08-29


This paper explores the application of big data technology in ideological and political education for college counselors. Big data-driven personalized counseling for students, social network analysis, and public opinion monitoring can optimize the efficiency of counselor work. However, there are still challenges concerning data privacy protection, technical support, and training. By scientifically evaluating and addressing these challenges, big data technology is expected to enhance the effectiveness of college counselors and improve the quality of ideological and political education. In the future, with technological advancements, big data technology will become an essential tool for higher education management.


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