Research on the Training of Interdisciplinary-Based Intelligent Manufacturing Talents


Intelligent manufacturing
Personnel training
Specialty construction
Cycle diagnosis and correction




As a significant field of research under the 14th Five Year Plan, intelligent manufacturing holds a special position in industrial upgrading and core technology independence. Intelligent manufacturing is an important support for building a “scientific and technological power” in the future. Cultivating creative interdisciplinary talents who can adapt to the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in the new era is of great significance for China to realize the modernization and autonomy of its industrial system. In view of the existing gap between the interdisciplinary talent training of intelligent manufacturing and the actual needs of the industry, this paper focuses on the concept of interdisciplinary construction. Based on the cycle improvement of professional construction, a curriculum system that integrates the interaction of interconnected projects is established. Through four specific measures, namely establishing the collaborative development system of intelligent manufacturing specialty, building a cycle diagnosis and reform system of intelligent manufacturing specialty, improving the curriculum system of integrated modular specialty group, and setting up an application scenario project-based curriculum, we hope to provide reference for the cross-training of compound intelligent manufacturing talents.


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