Collaborative Innovation and New Ideas for Talent Training in Local Normal Universities
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Collaborative innovation
Applied undergraduate education
Talent development model reform



Submitted : 2023-10-31
Accepted : 2023-11-15
Published : 2023-11-30


The purpose of this paper is to explore the new ideas of collaborative innovation and talent training in local normal universities and to promote the reform of the training model of high-quality and skilled applied undergraduate talents by building a collaborative innovation platform for schools, enterprises, and social organizations, to meet the needs of local economic and social development. This paper proposes the idea of cultivating new talents based on collaborative innovation, including interdisciplinary integrated education, practical project-driven learning, innovative technology integration, and collaborative innovation platform construction. Through the chapters of literature review, correlation analysis between collaborative innovation and talent training in local normal universities, and construction and practice of new ideas, the theoretical basis and practical operation of the new ideas are comprehensively discussed.


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