The Significance of Clothing in Figure Sculptures
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Submitted : 2023-06-26
Accepted : 2023-07-11
Published : 2023-07-26


Changes in clothing styles symbolize the continuation of history because clothes are a basic human necessity. The role of clothing has evolved over time from its primary purpose of providing warmth and modesty, to being a way to express one’s identity, profession, tradition and aesthetic. The development and formation of clothing styles are influenced by regional, historical and cultural factors, as well as deep-rooted ethnic characteristics. When artists explore the incorporation of clothing styles in sculpture creation, they illuminate the inherent values, forms, connotations, and aesthetic qualities of clothing from different ethnic groups and historical periods. Therefore, the study of clothing in figure sculptures is a fundamental discipline in the research and process of sculpture creation. It is also a unique and specialized training method of modern sculpture, serving as a significant aspect of the basic training for modern sculpture creation.


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