An Empirical Study Based on the Teaching Quality and Related Issues of Japanese Education in Colleges and Universities


China’s social and economic development has developed rapidly in recent years. International trade is getting closer and closer, trade and cultural exchanges with Japan have increased year by year. China’s foreign policy gradually develops towards internationalization. Japanese language plays a very important role in the process of friendly cooperation between China and Japan. At this juncture and circumstances, many universities have added Japanese language majors in order to improve the Japanese language communication skills among domestic college students and learn more about Japanese language and culture. Compared with English, Japanese is not a widely spoken language. Moreover, the Japanese language is used less frequently and has a smaller range of application. At present, Japanese has not become a major language communication tool for Chinese and as well as for foreign communication. Some universities still use the traditional teaching methods of the past to teach Japanese language. Teachers are not capable enough, it simply cannot meet the actual development needs of modern society, which requires us to pay enough attention to the teaching of Japanese in colleges and universities, in our work we summarize the problems existing in the teaching process of Japanese language today, and formulate corresponding perfect countermeasures.