The Inferiority Complex after Being Accused and Its Enlightenment to Judicature


"The inferiority complex after being accused" is one of the typical cultural psychologies of some people currently in the judicial field at the grassroots society in China. It is mainly manifested in their reluctance to be sued or cooperated with the investigation, and keep away from grass-roots judicial field as far as possible in terms of geographical location and behavior. Once someone else are called by the real judiciary or individuals or organizations pretending to the judiciary, it is easy to trigger the illusion that they may have done something wrong in past times, then they can easily fall into a state of depression and confusion, and even be deceived by other malicious people. Obviously, similar psychology is not conducive to the rule by law and modernization of grassroots society, and it is not conducive to the construction of a harmonious police-civilian relationship. Based on humanistic care and universal law, it is necessary to achieve fine justice based on the perspectives of language culture, costume culture, public psychology, etc., and gradually guide the traditional people to correctly face the phenomenon of the “inferiority complex after being accused”, so it can help they integrate themselves into the modern society ruled by law smoothly.