Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Socialized Service Based on University Library


With the continuous improvement of China's social and economic level, education, especially college education, has been highly valued by people and has achieved certain results. For the development of colleges and universities, library construction is an important part of it and to a certain extent promotes the stable development of colleges and universities. Judging from the actual development of domestic university libraries, many university libraries have gradually entered the path of socialized service. Due to the profound influence of traditional education mode and test-oriented education concept, many university libraries in China are currently developing socialization. There are some problems that need to be solved in the service work process. The existence of these problems makes many domestic university libraries unable to play their own roles and individual values, and it also seriously affects the rapid development of China's college education. Based on this situation, the author makes an in-depth analysis and discussion on the status quo and optimization strategies of the socialization service of university libraries in China, hoping to provide reference for the social service work of college libraries nationwide.