Viewing the Differences between Eastern and Western Educational Cultures from Confucius and Plato's Educational Thoughts in the Axial Age


Abstract: Through the comparison of Confucius and Plato's educational thoughts in the Axis Age, the study of the differences between Eastern and Western educational cultures is based on the comparison of educational objectives, educational objects, educational methods and educational content. There is a difference in the educational culture between the two in the special period of the Axis Age. From the open western idealism education and the introverted oriental materialism education, the similarities and differences between the Oriental Six Arts and the Western Seven Arts, the differences between the East and the West human education, and the differences between the education and training talents, respectively, the differences between the East and the West education culture are elaborated. Therefore, we can better deepen the understanding of the splendid civilization in the Axis era, and discover the inadequacies of education through the comparison of Eastern and Western cultures, so that our education can better absorb the essence, abandon the dross, and promote the vigorous development of education, improving constantly.


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