SWOT Analysis and Countermeasures on the Cultivation of Preschool Teachers in Sichuan Province


Abstract: Training of preschool teachers in Sichuan Province brings advantages in increasing government support for the pre-school education industry. The society attaches an important role to the pre-school education industry as well as the rapid development of preschool education in Sichuan Province. However, problem exists in large flows of preschool teachers and imbalanced gender ratios. By viewing from the new situation, the comprehensive liberalization of the second-child policy and the development of educational informatization as well as the implementation of the One Belt and One Road strategy (OBOR) have created great opportunities in training of preschool teachers. At the same time, the increase in external impact of high-quality graduates in the east also poses a great threat to the development of preschool teachers in Sichuan Province. Through the strategic combination of SWOT analysis, the paper explores effective countermeasure ways to improve the quality of training of preschool teachers in Sichuan Province and the construction of an excellent team of preschool teachers in Sichuan Province.



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