Research on the Cultivation of Craftsmanship in Huang Yanpei’s Education Thought
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Cultivation of craftsmanship
Huang Yanpei’s education thought



Submitted : 2023-02-18
Accepted : 2023-03-05
Published : 2023-03-20


Skilled talents are the main support for the strategic development of science and technology in China. The quality of talents is an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of national industries. By analyzing and studying Huang Yanpei’s thought on vocational education, this paper focuses on the cultivation of students’ craftsmanship in vocational schools. First, we analyze the results of previous research and then elaborate on the connotations of Huang Yanpei’s education thought and craftsmanship spirit. Lastly, we propose five suggestions for the cultivation of craftsmanship. Our research work carries certain reference value to the study of craftsmanship cultivation in Huang Yanpei’s education thought.


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