Research on the Intelligent Distribution System of College Dormitory Based on the Decision Tree Classification Algorithm
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Intelligent allocation
Personal preference
Information gain
Decision tree classification



Submitted : 2023-01-02
Accepted : 2023-01-17
Published : 2023-02-01


The trend toward designing an intelligent distribution system based on students’ individual differences and individual needs has taken precedence in view of the traditional dormitory distribution system, which neglects the students’ personality traits, causes dormitory disputes, and affects the students’ quality of life and academic quality. This paper collects freshmen's data according to college students’ personal preferences, conducts a classification comparison, uses the decision tree classification algorithm based on the information gain principle as the core algorithm of dormitory allocation, determines the description rules of students’ personal preferences and decision tree classification preferences, completes the conceptual design of the database of entity relations and data dictionaries, meets students’ personality classification requirements for the dormitory, and lays the foundation for the intelligent dormitory allocation system.


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