Exploring the Development Prospects of Tibetan Medicine


Tibetan medicine
Tibetan medicine culture
Tibetan medicine industry
Cultural analysis




Tibetan medicine is a “bright pearl in the treasure house” of traditional ethnic medicine in China. It has the benefits of a complete and time-honored theoretical development system of ethnic medicine, unique diagnosis and treatment methods with ethnic characteristics, as well as patent prescriptions that are summarized and developed for various diseases. However, obstacles such as high cost, complicated processing techniques and medication methods, as well as those in cultural exchanges are impeding the development process of Tibetan medicine. In an era where modern medical technologies and traditional Chinese medicine are advancing hand in hand, this paper proposes strategies to promote Tibetan medicine’s industrialization, policy support, social attention, and internationalization, in order to advance the use of Tibetan medicine in serving a greater number of people with its unique benefits, and thus realizing the dream of “Healthy China.”


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