A Research on the Application of the “Internet Plus Swimming” Teaching Mode in Universities


Internet Plus
Teaching mode




This study focuses on the reform and development of physical education in colleges and universities in the post-epidemic era, beginning from the design of an innovative “Internet Plus Swimming” teaching mode to enhance the quality of swimming lessons in colleges and universities, and subsequently applying it to the teaching of technical movements in swimming, so as to promote the teaching reform of swimming lessons in colleges and universities, as well as improve the teaching quality. This study showed that the students in the experimental group were better than those in the control group in four aspects: theoretical knowledge of swimming, speed, technique, and students’ independent learning ability. It can be concluded that it is both, effective and feasible to integrate multimedia learning resources, using digital information technology and network mobile devices, to construct the “Internet Plus Swimming” teaching mode and apply it to general swimming courses in colleges and universities in the post-epidemic era.


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