Analysis on the Path of Local Universities’ Intervention in the Sustainable Development of Poor Rural Areas in the Era of Post-Poverty Alleviation: Taking Sichuan University of Science and Engineering as an Example


Local colleges and universities
Rural revitalization
Alleviate poverty by education




China has entered the era of post-poverty alleviation, which effectively links poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalization strategies. In the era of post-poverty alleviation, in order to effectively promote the sustainable development of poor rural areas, local colleges and universities should actively nurture the self-development skills of the needy. Local colleges and universities should guide the transformation of ideas and concepts, scientifically optimize the allocation of poverty alleviation resources, improve the interest linkage mechanism between colleges and universities, strengthen the investigation and analysis of poverty alleviation projects, improve the convergence of assistance and practice, actively create a good spiritual and cultural environment, uphold the mission of helping cadres, attach importance to the support for the development of characteristic industries, and lastly, promote the convergence of rural revitalization strategies.


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