Discussion on the Necessity and Realization of the Integrative Development of Tourism and Cultural Industry

Dan Yang


With the development of socialist economy and the putting forward of “the Belt and Road” economic development strategy, all industries have developed vigorously, especially cultural industry and tourism. The integrative development of cultural industry and tourism can enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of regional economies, provide impetus for regional development, optimize industrial structure, and provide new ideas for the development of economies so as to promote economic growth. The integration and development of the two industries can not only achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win result, but also provide an example of the multi-industry coordinated development mode for the development of regional economy. This article first discusses the significance of the development of tourism and cultural industry, analyzes its significance for realizing the strategic target of regional economy. Then taking Sichuan province as an example, it elaborates the problems of system and creativity existing in the deep integration of tourism and cultural industry, and finally studies the way to realize it for reference.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26689/jcer.v2i2.320


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