Study on the Realization Process of the Updating of Marxism

Tao Kong


The updating of Marxism is to combine Marxism with the present characteristics of the times to touch the pulse of the times, reflect the spirit of the times and address the subject of the times, enabling it to adapt to the requirements of the times and lead the trend of the times. It is a historical process of constantly promoting Marxism to move with the times, a development process of mutual unification of theoretical innovation and practice innovation and a historical process of periodical development and constant advancement. The updating of Marxism is a process that is continuously pushed ahead in the two-way interactions of Marxist theory and conditions of the times. Further researches on the main sections contained in this process have a great significance in the process, in which we profoundly master the laws of the updating of Marxism and constantly advance the updating of Marxism.

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