Analysis of Service Tactics Based on Library Re- sources

Yanping Dong


The development of intelligent and personalized recommendation service has become the trend in the era with rapid development of digital library and the popularization of intelligent technology. However, the traditional personalized service cannot meet the needs of users and the demands of digital library’s development. Furthermore, the needs of users are becoming more complicated. How to accurately describe and fully understand the user's complex personalized requirements, and how to make the recommendation of resource services according to their needs have become a difficult problem. on the other hand, because the resources of digital libraries are huge, it’s the focus that how to effectively collect massive resources and support efficient retrieval and recommendations, as well as how to fully exploit the intrinsic semantic links of digital library resources. In this regard, this review aim to analyze the construction of library resources informatization in the era of big data and expounds the important significance of constructing digital libraries. This paper also optimizes the services of the wisdom libraries after analyzing informatization library resources from the aspects of image resources, service strategies of MOOC and reading changes. Finally, it studies the approaches of realizing the service strategies of library resources which can be used for reference.

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