Social Marketing: An Advocacy Empirical Analysis of Service Objects of Public Welfare Organizations

Dong Xie, Guixia Ma


The ultimate goal of social marketing is to change the behavior, attitude, concept, and so on of target audiences. For the public welfare organization, the basis of its service project design is the organization's mission and location. The key to achieve the organizational mission is to be able to lock the service objects and respond to the needs of service objects effectively. This research is based on the theoretical framework of social marketing and based on the questionnaire survey and analysis of the advocacy effectiveness and problems of service objects of the 327 public service organizations in China. Using the Delphi method and the entropy method, the 6P model of social marketing for service objects advocacy in the field of domestic public welfare practice is concise, and a new operational mechanism for service objects advocacy of public welfare organizations is proposed to implement the mission and value of public welfare organizations and contribute to the change of service objects.

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