Stratified Teaching Method of English Picture Book Reading in Primary Schools


Stratified teaching
English picture book reading
Core competencies in English




With the advancement of the new curriculum reform, many schools have put forward the idea of combing English reading with stratified teaching. Enhancing the effectiveness of reading English picture books is an important goal that most English teachers uphold when reforming the teaching of English reading. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to improve the teaching methods of reading. Reading picture books is an important way to improve students’ core competencies in English. However, at present, the method of teaching reading in primary school is simple; in addition, the teaching activities are not well organized. Therefore, in order to improve students’ core competencies in English, this article points out several issues in the teaching of English picture book reading and provides some pedagogical implications for the teaching in this aspect based on the stratified teaching method and classroom observation by including Class 1, Grade 2 students from a primary school in Leshan as the research subjects.


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