Problems and Countermeasures of Working Capital Management in Company V


Working capital management
Household appliance manufacturing enterprise




Working capital is the premise for the production and operation of an enterprise and the basis for all financial management. The management of working capital has gained more attention by enterprises. The purpose of emphasizing the importance of working capital management is to enable enterprises to make full and efficient use of capital. There is a serious shortage of working capital in China’s home appliance manufacturing industry, and with the rapid development of home appliance manufacturing industry, the problem is becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, improving the management level of working capital, optimizing the structure of capital, and improving the efficiency of working capital should become the most important part in the process of daily production and operation. This article selects company V as the research subject as it has representative problems in working capital management. Drawing on the theoretical method of taking elements as the core, this article focuses on the analysis of each working capital project and the development status of the company as a whole, determines the problems in the aspects of current assets and information communication in regard to the working capital management of company V, as well as puts forward several suggestions in terms of current assets management. In order to improve the working capital management level of company V, we hope that the improvement suggestions derived from the combination of theory and practical analysis can provide some reference for other enterprises in the household appliance manufacturing industry.


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