Teaching Exploration of Ma Shuilong’s Ancient Chinese Poetry Art Songs – “Spring Silkworms are Dead,” “Loneliness,” and “Falling Flowers”


Ma Shuilong
Ancient poetry art songs
Creative connotation
Singing characteristics




Ma Shuilong was a famous composer in Taiwan, both at home and abroad. In 1986, the publication of his concerto, Bangdi, made him the first Chinese composer to have a full performance at the Lincoln Arts Center in New York. In the field of vocal music production, “Ma Shuilong Songs Collection” reflected the mutual infiltration and integration of Chinese and Western elements, especially the combination of modern techniques and classical poetry so that Chinese ancient poetry art songs would emit unique artistic conception. In view of his three works, this article elaborates the oriental connotation in their creation through the study of the poetries involved and further extracts the characteristics of the creation and singing of ancient poetry art songs in order to provide significant references for the teaching of Chinese art songs.


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