The Embodiment and Analysis of Feminism in Literature Translation


Chinese culture has been accumulated for five thousand years, and with the development of social civilization, the door of literature has opened to the world. In recent years, feminism has been extremely prominent in literature, and it has been welcomed and respected by the majority of people. In addition, under the influence of various cultural factors, translation has become an indispensable way of writing. The so-called feminism refers to women's social rights and their opinions in society. With the advancement of science, feminism has been widely used by many countries in the world. In the last century, feminist translation theory was regarded as the mainstream translation at that time. It provided room for translation work. At the same time, it also had a certain impact on traditional translation theories. Nowadays, the development of science has entered a new era of information network. Feminist translation theory has become an important basis for translation work. At the same time, the application of feminist theory in literary works is systematically analyzed to enable women’s social status and personality values been enhanced in literary works, thus highlighting the positive image of women.