Research on the Teaching Reform of Tourism Vocational Education Based on the Idea of "Integration of Teaching and Doing"——Taking the Handicraft Course of Batik Dyeing as an Example


 As a treasure of ethnic minority art and culture, in order to explore its value, inherit and develop the traditional handcrafts with national characteristics, batik has been included in the special elective courses system of tourism management, art design and other related majors in Guizhou Province; This article takes the Handicraft Course of Batik Dyeing of S Vocational School as an example, based on "teaching and doing" ideal research on the reform of classroom teaching practice to explore, and the validity deficiency is put forward in view of the present teaching practice teaching design, improve Secondary Vocational Schools and Vocational Colleges students' personalized development space, enhance the research ability of teachers' the handicraft Course of batik Dyeing, and provides reference examples for the tourism vocational education characteristic classroom teaching reform.