The View of Chinese Culture and the Imbalance of Cultural Industry’s development from “Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child”


“Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child” has been popular all over China in the summer of 2019, which is a milestone in the development of China's cultural industry. Since the reform and open policy, foreign cultures and cultural industries have taken root and sprouted in China. There are more and more audience groups in China. The age and scope of the audience are more and more wide, which enriches the spiritual life of Chinese people. However, the local culture and cultural industry need to be developed and protected. Today, with the economic globalization, multi polarization of international politics and more frequent exchanges among countries around the world, how to make our own culture and cultural industry occupy a place in the national spiritual world, and play out the signboard of “Chinese culture”, make Chinese culture and cultural industry “blossom everywhere”, and make more and more people in the world identify with Chinese culture and culture Industry will eventually build China into a socialist cultural superpower with strong economy and technology. There is still a long way to go. In this paper, we will discuss the potential and problems of cultural development in China.