Research on the Construction of English Autonomous Learning Monitoring Mode under the Background of Big Data


The era of big data is coming, the combination of big data and traditional teaching can provide more and more accurate services for students' self-learning, and it is a good way to teach students according to their aptitude. In this background, a learning society is coming, which aiming at learning, autonomous learning and lifelong learning. Learning society emphasize the ability of learning autonomy for students unprecedentedly. Learning is no longer limited to the campus. Learning ability will accompany learners' social life and become an active and healthy lifelong activity. Autonomous learning is a learning theory that goes with the requirements of The Times and has a broad development prospect. The study of Autonomous learning not only has a very important guiding significance for the educational and teaching practice in China, but also plays an important role in the life development of every student. The subject of learning is gradually transferred from the classroom, teachers and textbooks to the students themselves. Teachers should not only impart knowledge and answer questions, but also, most importantly, teach students how to exert their autonomy in autonomous learning. After investigating and researching the existing monitoring model of autonomous English learning in colleges and universities, our group found that in practice, there is a lack of corresponding monitoring mechanisms and means, and autonomous learning has gradually become formalized. Therefore, according to the actual situation of autonomous English learning in our country's universities, the monitoring model of autonomous English learning has been reconstructed, and an effective comprehensive evaluation system has been established to effectively improve students' English learning ability.