Research on the path of Improving College Counselors' professional ability under the background of innovation and entrepreneurship


Innovation is the first driving force leading economic and social development, and innovation and entrepreneurship education is an important engine for promoting national economic growth. At present, our country is at the critical node of comprehensively deepening reform, decisively building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and realizing the two centenary goals, and we must firmly grasp the initiative in economic development. College students have always been a barometer of the development of the times, and how innovative and entrepreneurial college students are is related to the future and destiny of the country's economic development. The key to the cultivation of college students' innovative and entrepreneurial ability lies in education, and the key to the effect of education lies in teachers. As an important component and supplement to the faculty of colleges and universities, counselors play a key role in the growth of college students. It can be said that the professional ability construction of college counselors is very important to the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and cannot be replaced. From the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship education, this article discusses the development status of domestic and foreign college counselors' professional ability construction, discusses the problems and causes of college counselors' professional ability construction, and proposes a path to optimize the professional ability construction of counselors.