On the Appropriateness of Translation Strategies from the Perspective of Renjian Buddhism’s Translations


This paper discusses the appropriateness of the free translation and literal translation on the basis of the study of Renjian Buddhism’s translations. The result shows that there are more than ten free English translations of Renjian Buddhism in China while only six versions can be found in the English world. Different free translations only focus on one aspect of Renjian Buddhism, which cannot show the whole scene of Renjian Buddhism. For example, translation “humanistic Buddhism” focuses on its humanity, showing the contrariness between “humanism” and “Buddhism”; translation “engaged Buddhism” focuses on its sociality, mistaking “Renjian Buddhism” which is not so engaged as the same Buddhism of Dalai Lama. Due to Renjian Buddhism’s complexity, the phonemic translation of “Renjian Buddhism” is more appropriate to promote its communication with the English World.