Research on Ideological Education of Foreign Language Majors in China: Necessity and Approach


The higher education in China aims to cultivate advanced talents who would like to be devoted to cause of socialist construction with firm belief in communism and collectivism and mastery of modern science and technology. The significance of ideological education of undergraduates has been constantly aware of in China since the founding of the nation. In this day and age, with the implementation of cultural development strategies by telling Chinese stories well, the ideological education is increasingly significant in higher education. Compared with other majors, foreign language majors are in greater need for ideological instruction since they have to take a series of courses relevant to foreign cultures including but not limited to the general background, geography, history, literature, society and religion of relevant foreign countries. Even when they practice skills such as reading, listening, speaking and writing, they are supposed to have a clear picture of the cultural background of a certain foreign country or region. Meanwhile, there is particular demand for ideological correctness for their future jobs as teachers, translators or interpreters. Apart from taking compulsory courses of ideological and political theory, foreign language majors shall be cultivated through delivery of ideological education by academic courses, national innovation and entrepreneurship education and extra-curricular activities.