Research on the Employed Ideological Education of Graduates of College of Agriculture and Forestry


With the continuous development of social economy, the employed competition of college graduates is becoming more and more fierce, especially for the graduates of agricultural and forestry colleges and universities. Based on the characteristic needs of the professional fields of colleges and universities, their employed directions are mainly concentrated in rural areas. The regional distribution of industrial products has led to an increase in the complexity and instability of agricultural and forestry graduates’ employment ideas. Under the social background of stable employment, it is imperative to strengthen employed ideological education for agricultural and forestry college graduates to enhance students’ initiative for employment. Under the guidance of employed ideological education, agricultural and forestry college graduates can scientifically plan their own employment paths with employment in high quality. Regarding to it, this article analyzes the problems in the employment ideological education of agricultural and forestry college graduates under the current situation, and proposes some solutions to effectively improve the employment quality of agricultural and forestry college graduates.