Supporting Children to Learn English in Chinese Kindergarten


Most Chinese students learn English as a second language after they go to primary school. However, many articles showed that the best period of children to learn English was three years old to six years old. As researchers, we believe that Chinese children should learn English in kindergarten. We aim to find out from graduate Chinese students in Auburn Univerisity in the United States if Chinese children should learn English in kindergarten. We used qualitative research method, and thirteen participants who are graduate students in Auburn University were interviewed. We used a questionnaire to ask all participants seven questions. The results showed that 38% of participants studied English in kindergarten and 62% of interviewees learned English in primary school. Nine participants agreed that children should learn English in Chinese kindergarten, as they believed that children had strong ability to accept new knowledge at early ages. By doing this research, we want to help Chinese parents to realize that learning English at early ages is very important for every child, and we need to create a good environment for Chinese children to learn English.