The Ubiquitous Influence of Mentors on Postgraduates


Tutors and graduate students are a force that can not be ignored in the scientific research team of colleges and universities. Understanding the construction of the ubiquitous influence of mentors on graduate students is of great significance to strengthen the ubiquitous influence among students, promote the interaction between teachers and students, and improve the quality of graduate education in colleges and universities. Based on 28 interview data, this paper collates and analyzes the ubiquitous influence by using Nvivo11.0 software, and summarizes the ubiquitous influence into three aspects, namely, the basis of ubiquitous influence-spatio-temporal dispersion, the process-mode diversity of ubiquitous influence, and the comprehensiveness of the result-result of ubiquitous influence, and constructs the concept of tutor's ubiquitous influence on graduate students.