On Features of Fu Lei’s Translation from the Perspective of the Conquest of Happiness


Under the background of globalization, translation is not only an academic activity, but also has far-reaching influence on cultural exchanges. As a world-renowned translator, Fu Lei has played a leading role in today’s translation field. Therefore, the paper firstly talks about Fu Lei’s life experience and his thought of resemblance. It is his life experience that makes him have his own unique understanding of translation art. Secondly, the thesis analyses Fu Lei’s translation thoughts through his broad interest, rigorous attitude and emphasis on the art of writing. Finally, the paper combines his translation strategies with the Conquest of Happiness to illustrate how it can be more easily understood and accepted by the target language readers through the processing of sentence patterns and the use of Chinese allusions. It comes to the conclusion that Fu Lei’s unique life experience, rich artistic accomplishment and rigorous academic attitude are of great benefit to his translation. Thus it can be said that Fu Lei’s translation thoughts and strategies are enlightenment to all aspects of translation studies.