Marxism and Political Economy in Education: An Interpretation of Jean Anyon's Critical Pedagogy


Jean Anyon (1941-2013) is a critical pedagogical researcher and social activist in the United States. All her life, she devoted herself to taking education as a breakthrough, exposing the ugliness of capitalist countries and promoting the equality of society and education. She uses Marxist theory to analyze the relationship between social class and school knowledge, hidden curriculum; education and mainstream ideology; and conflicts and resistances in education, emphasizing the theoretical and practical significance of Marxism in today's education. In order to find the deepest problem of education, Jean Anyon demonstrates the relationship between school education and macroeconomic policy from the perspective of political economics; the dialectical relationship between education reform and economic reform; and explains the reasons for education failure by quoting David Harvey's concept of "deprivation accumulation". Facing the cruel situation, Jean Anyon did not lose confidence, but found the "radical possibility" and put forward the concept of social change centered on education reform.