Research on the Correlation between the Learning Strategies on English Listening and the Corresponding Performance among College Students


Listening is very important for the learning of a language. We must ensure that there are language standardization and foundation of practice while learning any languages. By improving listening, the language communication ability can be improved. Learning other languages requires listening as the foundation of learning. In college English teaching, listening also takes very important position. However, due to the current situation of Chinese education and the characteristics of students' learning, Chinese students generally have a lower level of listening skills, and usually, most of them score very low in the listening part in level 4 or level 6 of the College English Tests. The root cause of this phenomenon is that listening test in some underdeveloped areas of China is not included as part of the test results of the middle and high school entrance examinations, and very often, listening was neglected in English lessons. As a result, many students end up with poor listening performance result. However, in college, the teaching of listening still follows the traditional education model of the past, and there are many lessons allocated to this aspect of English learning. In addition, there is almost no strategic guidance in the learning process, making students unable to begin on listening practice. Although both teachers and students tried to improve their listening skills, the results were unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is imperative to solve the problem of poor English listening level of students. Experts such as Huang Zidong and Wang Yu believe that strengthening strategic training is currently a very important method to improve students' English listening skills.