Tujia Ethnic Group Woodcarving Patterns and Their Application in Packaging
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Tujia ethnic group
Woodcarving patterns
Packaging application



Submitted : 2024-04-13
Accepted : 2024-04-28
Published : 2024-05-13


Taking the woodcarving patterns of the Tujia ethnic group as the subject of the study, this paper analyzes the characteristics and connotations of the woodcarving patterns and their symbolic meanings. This paper also discusses the spiritual connotations of the thematic patterns commonly used in packaging design and elaborates on the characteristics, artistry, and functionality of the symbolic meanings of the woodcarving patterns. Through the analysis of the application of woodcarving patterns in packaging design, the paper proposes the effective use of these patterns in packaging design to achieve visual effects, convey the cultural connotations of products, and enrich the cultural and artistic value of products. This study also expounds on the significance of spreading the woodcarving patterns of the Tujia ethnic group and the value of researching their integration into packaging design.


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