Optimization Strategy for the Reform of Applied Mathematics Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges
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Higher vocational colleges
Applied mathematics
Mathematical reform
Optimization strategy



Submitted : 2024-04-13
Accepted : 2024-04-28
Published : 2024-05-13


In the face of the impact of economic globalization and cultural diversification, higher vocational colleges must provide more diversified and intelligent multi-dimensional education services for college students to promote the rapid innovation of subject teaching and improve student-centered education and teaching concepts. Based on this background, applied mathematics, as a very important basic course in higher vocational education, must carry out all-around teaching reform to continuously improve the comprehensive quality of mathematics of contemporary college students. Therefore, based on the practical experience of applied mathematics teaching and the collation and summary of relevant references, this study explores how to optimize the reform of applied mathematics from several aspects, to further improve the quality of applied mathematics teaching and the comprehensive quality of contemporary college students in mathematics by creating a new model of applied mathematics classroom teaching in higher vocational colleges.


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