Exploring the Path of Cultivating “Three Spirits” in Higher Vocational Colleges and Universities
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Higher vocational colleges and universities
Three spirits
Cultivation paths



Submitted : 2024-04-13
Accepted : 2024-04-28
Published : 2024-05-13


The “three spirits” is a strategic concept for the comprehensive construction of a strong modernized socialist country in the new era, and it is an important way for higher vocational colleges to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents. The “three spirits” consist of the spirit of labor, the spirit of model workers, and the spirit of craftsmanship. This paper proposes labor education as the basis,  three-dimensional coeducation of classroom, extracurricular, and practical, and integration of school and enterprise in cultivation, to explore practical ways to cultivate the “three spirits” in higher vocational students.


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