A Brief Discussion on Weighing Medicine in Ounces: An Innovative Quantitative Medicine Capsule Device
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Aging population
Quantitative medicine collection
Packaging and storage
Medicine protection measures



Submitted : 2024-04-13
Accepted : 2024-04-28
Published : 2024-05-13


According to the main data bulletin of the seventh national census released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of China’s population aged 60 and above reached 18.7%, while the proportion of the population aged 65 and above reached 13.5%. This aging of the society in China continues to exacerbate. Currently, most pharmaceutical packaging bottles are only used to package and store medicines. The existing medicine bottles containing tablets or small granules of Chinese patent medicines have larger lids and do not consider the convenience for patients when taking out medicine pills. Excessive pills will be expelled when pouring out from existing medicine bottles due to the large lids. The pills that exceed the dose need to be put back into the medicine bottle, which poses a risk of contamination and brings inconvenience to life. Hence, a quantitative medicine dispensing device is proposed to solve this issue.


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