Research on the Problem of Elderly Consumption Under the Background of Population Aging
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Aging population
Elderly consumption
Silver economy



Submitted : 2024-01-28
Accepted : 2024-02-12
Published : 2024-02-27


With the continuous progress of medical technology and the gradual improvement of the social security system, the life expectancy of the elderly in China has been significantly extended and the number of people has increased sharply. At the same time, with the transformation of the consumption capacity and consumption concept of the elderly population, the consumption of the elderly contains great potential for development and is expected to become an important part of the future consumer market. By sorting out and analyzing the existing literature, this paper points out the characteristics of China’s elderly consumption market under the background of population aging, analyzes the spatial evolution trend of elderly consumption, and summarizes the existing problems of elderly consumption. Lastly, according to the above analysis, this paper puts forward corresponding suggestions from the government, enterprises, and non-profit organizations.


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