Film as Art: From Art Theory to Film Theory
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Art theory
Film theory



Submitted : 2024-01-29
Accepted : 2024-02-13
Published : 2024-02-28


This article uses the introduction of the book Film as Art, the definition and interpretation of the concept of “film,” the connotation and extension of “film art,” the necessity and possibility of “film art” research, etc. to analyze China’s important theoretical issues in the development of film theory are sorted out and reflected on. The article believes that in the context of globalization, the development of Chinese film theory faces many theoretical issues, such as the independent character of the theory itself, the relationship between theoretical research and creative practice, and the influence of socialist literary and artistic thought with Chinese characteristics on contemporary Chinese film creation and theoretical research. In this regard, the article puts forward some corresponding countermeasures. This article believes that only by adhering to the development path of socialist literature and art with Chinese characteristics and taking film as art as a basic principle can we promote the prosperity and development of Chinese film theory in the new era and can we better play the important role of Chinese films in the world cultural field.


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