Analysis of the Problems and Suggestions for Ecological Protection and Restoration of Coastal Zones in China
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Coastal zone
Ecological regulation
Ecological protection and restoration



Submitted : 2024-01-27
Accepted : 2024-02-11
Published : 2024-02-26


This paper analyzes the existing problems of ecological protection and restoration of coastal zones in China, and puts forward corresponding suggestions and solutions. In terms of technology, it is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and upgrading, develop repair technologies suitable for different coastal habitats, and strengthen the application of monitoring and evaluation technologies to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of restoration work. In terms of management and policy, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive management mechanism, clarify the responsibilities and powers of various departments, and strengthen the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations. In addition, financial support should be enhanced, social participation should be encouraged, and international cooperation should be strengthened to jointly meet the challenges of ecological restoration. In terms of social economy, we should pay attention to sustainable development and achieve a win-win situation between economic growth and ecological protection by promoting the development of green industries and other ways. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the public’s awareness and participation in coastal ecological restoration, strengthen environmental education and publicity work, cultivate the public’s awareness of the environment and responsibility for scientific and technological innovation, change economic factors and improve public education awareness, and achieve the effectiveness of coastal protection and restoration work to realize marine ecological safety and sustainable development.


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