Application of Floral Elements in Fabric Remanufacturing
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Floral elements
Fabric remanufacturing
Aesthetic forms



Submitted : 2024-02-19
Accepted : 2024-03-05
Published : 2024-03-20


To explore innovative applications of floral elements in modern fashion design, this study addresses the challenge of traditional flat printing patterns being the predominant form of incorporating floral elements into clothing design. Building upon the fundamental concepts and characteristics of floral elements, the paper analyzes the transformation of floral elements from figurative to abstract perspectives. It delves into the expressive modes of floral elements in fabric remanufacturing and explores various application forms. Through a detailed analysis of specific cases, the study summarizes that abstract floral elements predominantly manifest as form abstraction and texture abstraction in fabric remanufacturing. Additionally, it presents the principles of aesthetic forms for floral elements to provide valuable references for the utilization of floral elements in clothing design.


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