The Application and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Interviews
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Artificial intelligence
Recruitment interview
Current application
Technical challenges
Future development



Submitted : 2024-01-27
Accepted : 2024-02-11
Published : 2024-02-26


In the wake of rapid technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) has found widespread application across numerous sectors, including the recruitment industry. This study conducts a comprehensive examination of AI’s current application in recruitment interviews, underscoring the necessity for proactive collaboration between AI and human experts in practice. This approach is aimed at harnessing AI’s strengths in data processing and human’s adeptness in emotional cognition, to jointly drive innovation and progression in recruitment interview techniques. Additionally, the study analyzes the myriad challenges presented by this integration and envisages potential future directions for development. The in-depth analyses and proposed directions for improvement presented in this study are intended to guide practitioners in the recruitment industry and serve as a research foundation and inspiration for future scholars in the fields of artificial intelligence technology and human resource management.


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