How to Effectively Conduct Online Ideological and Political Education for Young Students in the Context of Pursuing a Better Life
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Ideological and political education
Youth development
New media



Submitted : 2024-01-29
Accepted : 2024-02-13
Published : 2024-02-28


In the context of ever-evolving information technology, the Internet has become the primary channel for young students to access information and knowledge. This paper explores how to effectively conduct ideological and political education for young students using online platforms in pursuit of a better life. It highlights the role of online education in cultivating youths with correct values and social responsibility, and in shaping a positive online environment that supports their growth towards personal and societal well-being. The paper aims to propose innovative educational strategies and methods that align ideological and political education with the practical needs and aspirations for a better life of young students, thereby nurturing young individuals who are better adapted to the new era and are capable of contributing to society.


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