Research Status and Prospect of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Fracturing Technology
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Liquid carbon dioxide
Fracturing technology
Current status and prospect



Submitted : 2024-01-29
Accepted : 2024-02-13
Published : 2024-02-28


Liquid carbon dioxide fracturing technology has emerged as a novel unconventional method of retrieving oil and gas resources. As carbon dioxide is used as the fracturing fluid, it reduces the dependence on water resources and environmental pollution. The low viscosity and high diffusion properties of liquid carbon dioxide allow it to penetrate rocks more effectively, improving the efficiency of oil and gas extraction. In addition, the technology has potential carbon dioxide sequestration benefits that could help mitigate climate change. However, liquid carbon dioxide fracturing technology still faces challenges in terms of cost, technology maturity, and environmental impact. At present, academia and industry are actively engaged in research to improve the feasibility and economics of this technology, with the goal of providing new solutions for the sustainable development of energy in the future. This paper focuses on the research status and prospect of liquid carbon dioxide fracturing technology.


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