Analysis of the Reform of Blended Teaching in College English Under the Background of New Liberal Arts


New liberal arts
University stage
Blended learning



Submitted : 2024-01-26
Accepted : 2024-02-10
Published : 2024-02-25


With the continuous reform of the education system, the requirements for higher education have significantly increased. New liberal arts have been identified as the main direction of educational development, achieving innovative development in liberal arts education and enhancing the country’s cultural soft power. Therefore, universities should increase their emphasis on English teaching. In addition to imparting basic English knowledge, it is also necessary to focus on cultivating students’ cross-cultural communication and critical thinking abilities. The concept of new liberal arts should be applied by integrating information technology into the lessons, implementing blended learning, overcoming the disadvantages of traditional teaching, building a sound teaching system, and ensuring that college English teaching achieves good teaching results.


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