The Application of Natural Elements in Industrial Materials
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Natural elements
Industrial materials



Submitted : 2024-01-26
Accepted : 2024-02-10
Published : 2024-02-25


With the pursuit of a balance between industrial development and environmental protection, the importance of natural elements in the application of industrial materials is becoming increasingly prominent. The article mainly focuses on the definition and classification of natural elements in industrial materials, as well as their mechanism of action in improving material properties. The article analyzes the unique contributions of plant-based materials, mineral materials, and bio-based polymers in enhancing material properties. Meanwhile, the article also points out the cost, technological, and environmental regulatory challenges faced by natural elements in industrial applications, as well as innovative solutions to address these challenges. These solutions include technological innovation, policy support, and building sustainable supply chains. This comprehensive analysis not only reveals the key role of natural elements in industrial material innovation but also provides profound insights for future research and applications.


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