Research on Access and Benefit-Sharing Regimes for Agricultural Genetic Resources in India
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Access to genetic resources
Benefit-sharing systems



Submitted : 2024-03-18
Accepted : 2024-04-02
Published : 2024-04-17


India is one of the richest providers of genetic resources in the world and it advocates that the sovereignty of genetic resources belongs to the state to realize the equitable sharing of the benefits of genetic resources. The study shows that India has built a relatively complete legal system for access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing. This system revolves around three major laws and regulations, with clear management regulations for domestic and foreign access to genetic resources, a definite form and proportion of benefit-sharing, and a clear management method for the distribution of benefits after acquisition. India’s achievements in institutional construction can act as a great reference for the management of access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing in China.


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