Exploration of the Reform of a Blended Teaching Model Under an Outcome-Based Approach
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Blended teaching
Outcome-based education
Practical skills
Teaching recommendations



Submitted : 2024-03-18
Accepted : 2024-04-02
Published : 2024-04-17


This paper, proposes practical teaching recommendations based on the integration of blended teaching and outcome-oriented education through a case study. Through an in-depth exploration of projects such as creating individual resumes, the study reveals that the blended teaching model, while providing a personalized learning experience, complements the philosophy of outcome-oriented education. Utilizing online learning platforms to stimulate students’ interests in self-directed learning and continuously optimizing teaching methods through a comprehensive performance assessment and practical skill development provide students with a more practical and holistic learning experience. This research offers valuable insights and guidance for future educational practices, presenting actionable teaching approaches for schools and educational institutions.


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